Your DJs and bands

DJs from different dances will make you vibrate all the week-end long: Tango neo, blues fusion, Brazilian Zouk.

DJs and Bands planning (it might evolve)

The bands

From Valencia,

The Revolution Band was born as part of a dance community in Valencia, Spain (Valencia Blues and Fusion Revolution). This unforgettable journey started when a love of music and a passion for dance brought us together to play from the heart.
The group is made of dancers and exists for dancers and, therefore, the most important thing for us is to play for people who really feel the music and the dance.

Higher Interest
This Toulouse duo plays cover songs. They personalise them in an acoustic version. We have selected with them the most suitable pieces for fusion. They thrilled the dancers of the last March fusion party in Toulouse. (Visit their FB page)

Featured DJs

DJ The Ramones (from Barcelona)
We get the residents "The Ramones", a Dj duo who delight us with their politically incorrect Fusion, that will not leave you indifferent with their Down tempo mixes and productions, including great influences of the Blues and the most innovative electronic music. Thanks to their past and electronic background, combined with their passion with dancing, they will make you desire the party to never ends.

DJ Alain (from London)Passionate dancer with a background in Tango, Blues, Contact Improv and other styles, Alain has been DJing at Blues, Fusion and NeoTango festivals all over Europe and elsewhere (Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Philadelphia...). A fan of electronica, he nonetheless strives for eclectic blends in rhythms and musical styles, for instance combining afro-cuban tracks, jazz, neo-classical and trip-hop in a logical progression to please the dancers. Alain lives in London where he teaches at Stompin' the Blues and co-runs the Tango/Blues Fusion night Azure.

Local DJs

DJ Phil: "I like eclectic music, I like nice melodies, I like to feel dancers energy, who can give me good vibes.

My first entire fusion week end, I’m happy to be in!"

DJ Thierry DJing and dancing all over Europe in Blues, Fusion and Neo Tango festivals. His pleasure will be to play multi dance musics such that you get inspired to stick to the music 

DJ Sunzouk (Sandrine) will create mini universe with musics from Brazilian Zouk, WCS, Blues, Jazz, World, Loundge....

" I will find inspiration from a different theme for each of my sessions "

DJ Plume (Marina) started to dance 10 years ago. At first she practiced ballroom dances, then she discovered swing dances and everything changed for her! It's with Blues dance that she blossomed fully, being able to express her creativity and playfulness.
As a DJ, she always try to find lush and diverse musics, to stimulate self expression and musicality. Rhythm variations, piano-vocals, electro music, everything is possible as long as you can dance, create, express yourself and have fun! For her, fusion music is about giving emotions to all, and allowing dancers from various horizons to share good moments together.

DJ Julien 
Music and social-dance lover, Julien brings us in another dimension. For many years he is used to DJ for swing, trad blues, but also more modern blues, alternative blues and fusion. His musical picks will make you travel every nigh with brand new amazing songs... In between softness and intimacy... Using rock/pop or electro he will mix different energies with smooth transitions. His great sensibility makes his sets an interstellar journey to make us taking off for the time of a note, a song or a night...

DJ Claire
DJ Claire loves music and dancing. Her tastes are eclectic, she draws her inspiration from her personal experiences and her pleasure in dancing swing (balboa, blues, WCS, lindy), Argentine tango, and so much more!

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