Full pass: 40 € for the 40 first guests, 45€ for the next ones (until 18th of July).

Online payment link:

In order to balance the number of leaders/followers, you might have to register on the waiting list of the registration site. 
You can register as couple.The number of participants will be limited.

General conditions
Terms and Conditions
If a DJ cannot come, for example if his flight is cancelled, or in case illness or injury… the DJ schedule might be changed. No refund will be issued in this case.

We cannot be held responsible 

  • for the loss or theft of your personal belongings. Keep an eye on them,
  • for any injuries, so take good care of yourself… and others too !
Respect the ballrooms: please keep them nice and clean and wear shoes suitable for dance floors.

If you lose anything in our facilities and we find it, we will keep it for as long as one month after the marathon but any shipping cost will be yours. After one month, we will give everything to a charity organization.

Cancellation policy
You can transfer you pass to a person of same sex than you (for parity sake) and you have to inform the organizers, giving name and contact of the new guest.

If you cancel your registration 

  • more than 1 month before the beginning of the festival, we keep 5€ (administration fee).
  • between 10 days and one month before the beginning of the festival, we keep 50% of the fees  

no refund can be issued :

  • If you cancel your registration within the last 10 days before the beginning of the marathon.
  • In case your flight or train is cancelled for whatever reason.
  • In case of your illness or injury just before the marathon.

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