Organizers & contact

Whatsapp: via Club Pasorock phone number +33 (0)6 74 48 1999
Messenger: Danse Fusion Toulouse

Phone (only in case of emergency, better use one of the other option) : +33 (0)6 74 48 1999

The team
The event “Toulouse Fusion Week-End” is organized in partnership between a non profit organization and dancers from different dances, on a non profit mindset.
Sandrine, responsable of the Club Pasorock and teacher for different couple dance styles (WCS, Kiz, Zouk, Swing dances), and founder of Sunzouk and To Zouk to promote the Brazilian zouk in Toulouse, contact-impro dancer and dance globe trotter.

Thierry, Swing and Tango dancer, team member in the organization of TNT (Toulouse Néo Tango marathon)

Isabelle, Blues and Tango dancer, , team member in the organization of TNT (Toulouse Néo Tango marathon) and BEAT (Toulouse Blues marathon)

They are supported by a team of volunteers from club Pasorock, and also by Phil, Peggy, Gaby, Arnaud, Marina, Xavier, Stéphane
The non profit organization structure is named «Club Pasorock» has been existing for more than 25 years. It aims at promoting any couple dances through regular courses, workshops, events and make them offerdable for any people. This organizations have more than 200 subscribers for the weekly regular classes (on Tuesday only). It proposes 3 week-ends of workshops by year and the volunteers are animating summer free dance discovery classes and parties during “Toulouse plages”, an event led by the Toulouse City hall in the “prairie des Filtres” area (very nice place close to the river).

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